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Rococode - Empire Remix


My friends (the one and only Shaun Huberts and Johnny "5" Andrews of the Tegan and Sara band) have started a band of their own, Rococode, with the lovely talented Laura Smith and her Andrew as "front people". I just finished a remix of their new song 'Empire'. Check it out on Soundcloud below:


Melody Thornton - Sweet Vendetta


My friend Chris Mann and I started a writing and production team recently, managed by the amazing Susan Markheim at Frontline/Azoff.. We are proud to introduce our first collaboration, the first solo single of Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton. The song is called 'Sweet Vendetta', written by Melody, Chris and myself, and produced by myself and Chris. Stay tuned for future releases, too.

[audio:|titles=Vendetta-Master Ref 1]

Or check it out on YouTube

Marc Ross – Blue Sky Behind EP

Marc Ross just released his new EP entitled 'Blue Sky Behind'. We recorded it over 10 days at my studio in LA. Lots of melodica and toy piano! Check out the EP on iTunes and the first single below.

[audio:|titles=Marc Ross - Another Way]

Diana Pops - Light My Cigarette

Diana Pops - Light My Cigarette
Diana Pops - Light My Cigarette

Check out Diana Pops' new song 'Light My Cigarette' on BandCamp. We did this song together in Nashville and Winnipeg.. Tyler Burkum played the guitar and Bryan Cook mixed. Check out what Diana has to say about the song below:

"Light My Cigarette" was written as a response. When faced with events in my life that could incur major change, my reflex action is to write a song to calm myself down. This is not so much to make me feel better, but more to paint a larger picture which reflects the feelings of the moment back at me to help me understand where I'm at.

This song was originally about the prospect of signing a record deal. When I was approached, I was more scared than excited. I'm a bit of a hermit, and the thought of being "on" all the time was a pretty daunting one. At the time there was so much unknown to me about what my lifestyle would look like should I be signed - but I was pretty sure it would entail more than drinking tea and playing piano late into the night; tucked away in my old house on the prairies.

I ended up recording "Light My Cigarette" two weeks after I wrote it, whilst I was in LA to meet with the label. The irony was not lost on me.

Amanda Falk - In Between The Now And Then

Just got back the master for Canadian JUNO award-winning singer/songwriter Amanda Falk. We spent time over the past year putting this album together and I'm really happy with it. We were fortunate enough to be able to work with some of my good friends, Will Sayles, Matt Pierson, and Gary Burnette on this project, and worked at a beautiful studio in Tennessee (Dark Horse). Our goal was to capture as much of Amanda's identity on this album as we could, and I'm thankful to her label Signpost Music for allowing us to pretty much do whatever we wanted (what a treat!). I'm posting below one of my favorite songs from the album (Paper Planes). And please do check out Amanda's myspace: [audio:|titles=Amanda Falk - Paper Planes]

See below for a review of "In Between The Now And Then":

Amanda Falk

In Between The Now And Then

Thank God for Steve Bell.

Not only has the veteran musician forged one of the most enduring and distinguished careers in Canadian Christian music, but he’s serving as a mentor and inspiration to a growing number of artists.

The latest beneficiary is fellow Winnipegger Amanda Falk. Falk had been the poster girl for Avante Records and their Beautiful Unique Girl program. As such, she extensively toured the country headlining musical pajama parties aimed at enabling young women to discover their inner beauty and unique value in the eyes of God.

But Falk had simply become BUgirled out. It’s a mantle she no longer wanted to carry. Tired and discouraged, Falk had contemplated leaving music entirely.

That was until she got together with Bell. Beyond just extending his encouragement, Bell offered to take Falk under his wing and gave her the opportunity to record her next album on his Signpost Music label.

The result is stunning. For an artist that scored a Juno Award with her debut project and secured a second Juno nomination with her sophomore release, Falk’s latest effort raises the bar by an extra few notches.

In Between The Now And Then is Falk’s coming out party. Previously, most of the songs sung by Falk were co-writes or tunes entirely composed by others. On the first two CDs, Falk is listed as the sole songwriter on only three compositions. But this disc has her exclusively pen all 14 tracks.

To be brutally honest, I’ve never been much of an Amanda Falk fan. Sure, I recognized her talent. But for the most part, her music never seemed to engage me. So when I first cracked open the shrink wrap on her latest disc, my expectations were small. It was bedtime and I hoped to catch a few tunes before falling asleep. Yet with each song, I became less tired. Enraptured by the music, I ended up awaiting each upcoming selection with eager anticipation. And more than just a temporary tickling of the ears, I find the songs have the ability to grow in appeal with subsequent listenings.

Other than Falk asserting her identity as a singer/songwriter, much of the success for In Between The Now And Then is owing to the exquisite production of Adrian Bradford. His arrangements are richly orchestrated, offering a full sound that is at the same time very intricate with painstaking attention to detail.

Overall, this is a pop record that runs the gamut from soaring rock riffs to quieter, piano-driven numbers and quasi-symphonic orchestrations that are downright ethereal.

One element that Falk and Bradford truly get is the importance of “progression” in the music. The songs are replete with movement, ebbs and flows, varying tempos, instrumentation and musical nuances. The lead radio single, Paper Planes, even breaks standard songwriting structure, employing a secondary or “faux” chorus. All of these serve to keep the listener engaged with the music.

Completing the package are Falk’s obvious vocal skills which earned her four straight Covenant Awards as Canadian Christian music’s Female Vocalist of the Year from 2005-2008.

In Your Child, Falk writes of being “worn and weary” with a heavy heart. But in between then and now, something’s changed. Certainly, putting out an album of this quality is bound to alter anyone’s countenance.

Available for $16.99 wherever Christian music is sold.

Jodi King - Street Lights EP

Here’s a song from Jodi King’s ‘Street Lights’ EP. It’s a more laid-back vibey one, but I rather like it..!

Jodi King - Scars[audio:|titles=Jodi King - Scars]

Diana Pops - Silver Ship

OK. So I’ve been talking about this long enough, I figure it’s about time I actually post something of Diana’s. So. Here’s a sneak peak at one of our favorite songs on this record, Silver Ship.

[audio:|titles=Diana Pops - Silver Ship]