My studio is a custom build-out in a loft in the Arts District in downtown Los Angeles. It's a neighbourhood that I love. Zoned both residential and heavy industry, it is home to many creative professionals; designers, architects, engineers, photographers, designers, and of course, food types. We're home to some of the best coffee (Blacktop, Blue Bottle, and Stumptown) and restaurants (Daily Dose, Zinc, Bestia, Pie Hole, etc) all within walking distance. While I do most of my work on my own/remotely, those who want to come down for recalls can enjoy all of this, plus spend some time on the private rooftop patio with pool and grill.

So this next bit will be boring for some of you, and of course the gear isn't ultimately what counts, but for the 2% of you out there who are gear nerds (like me) you might find this of interest.

The studio itself is set up around Pro Tools HD, with Apogee Symphony I/O and SSL summing. The setup allows me to quickly send to various combinations of outboard effects and print back into PT (or run live) giving the perfect combination of analog character and instantaneous recall.