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Spring Updates

Well, it’s been a crazy few months since I’ve posted on here last. I just got back from a vacation in Thailand with my wife, which was fantastic. It’s kind of sad to say that I brought a little programming/writing rig out with me, but I promise, I didn’t use it that much. We spent the first week exploring Bangkok and Chiang Mai, pet some tigers, rode some elephants (I think I put some of the photos up, if not, they’re on my facebook). And now I’m back in the saddle. As I was saying, the last few months have been crazy. I finished an EP with Canadian artist Jodi King, which is scheduled to be released this summer. I also spent a week in Vancouver working with Starfield (EMI), doing some writing/demoing toward their new record. I’m really excited about the stuff we’ve come up with. Ahh.. we had the JUNO awards that we attended together, which was a good time. I’ve also been in the studio with Amanda Falk, a fantastic singer-songwriter and JUNO award winner. She’s written about a hundred really cool songs, and we’ve been doing production demos. Again, I’m very excited about the new material, I think we’ll get the chance to start seriously working in June. I’ve spent a week in LA working with legendary producer/writer Walter Afanasieff, we’ve been working on the new album for a Russian pop star, Julia Nachalova. It has been a cool setup, getting two rooms going here and passing tracks back and forth between us. I’m back in LA again now, finishing up on this project, and getting ready for this coming week when we have Leona Lewis in the studio, working toward her next record. And then finally I’m heading out again with a fantastic artist and good friend of mine, Mat Kearney - we’re doing a run of shows with Keane next week. And speaking of Mat, do check out his new record, which is due out soon. Thanks!