Lots of updates!

It has been a crazy season! Its always hard for me to find time to do updates, when deadlines are looming the last thing I want to do during the workday is to lock up an hour with social media, but it is important, so here I am.


First up - Amiena! 
This project has seriously taken 3 years to do. We started in my old studio on Spring Street, continued in my Arts District loft studio (why I thought it would be a good idea to have a studio at home I will never know), and then we finished it when I moved my studio back to Spring Street. We first worked together when I had just moved to Los Angeles, we've since became friends and have done a number of projects together. This most recent one has some great collaborators including British musician/composer Nitin Sawhney and tabla player Alok Verma. You can find the album on iTunes here. And you can vote for it if you're a NARAS member! :-)

Second up - Reality Soundworks
I founded a new company called Reality Soundworks. I've been increasingly interested in audio and composition specifically for VR and specialized or installation applications. The first VR project in the pipeline is with a local producer/director, and the project is for the Skid Row Housing Trust, a wonderful organization that works tirelessly to provide housing for the homeless in Skid Row in Los Angeles. This is all in the very early stages but I am excited about having a separate space to develop these ideas. Once we get the online presence started I will update everyone.


Alpha Season 2
We are probably 3/4 of the way through the score for the new season of Alpha. This score has turned out to be less orchestral / cinematic and more synth-based. Excited to reveal shortly.


Other Studio Projects
Walter A and I continue to work together to wrap up a number of projects this season, and there are a few new ones in the pipeline as well. One of them was engineering and 5.1 mixing the score that Walter composed for a documentary, as well as being the re-recording mixer. The documentary won Best Documentary Drama at the Venetian Film Festival. And finally, it is true - Diana Pops and I have a new project in the works! More about this to follow.


Alright.. back to work!

Alpha Film Series - Original Soundtrack

Announcing the release of the official soundtrack for the Alpha Film Series. Original music composed by Adrian Bradford.

Available Now: 

iTunes: http://tinyurl.com/hhls4jt

Apple Music: https://itun.es/us/hCwkgb

Spotify: http://sptfy.com/1muE

Chris Mann - Constellation


Exited about the release of this album I produced for recording artist and Phantom of the Opera Chris Mann. 

Tim Pierce is the man.

Tim, myself, and singer songwriter Jordan Heppner

Tim, myself, and singer songwriter Jordan Heppner

Had a great session the other day with legendary guitarist Tim Pierce for Jordan Heppner's debut single as a solo artist. Tim has a great setup in LA, you can get whatever it is you're looking for, and he knows all the new coolest records before I do. Always love working with him. 

What's in your carry-on?

What's in your carry-on? 

What's in your carry-on? 

I've always loved looking at those "what's in your carry on" posts. I travel a lot and I'm a nerd about bags, always trying to find the best setup. This one is optimized for having a check bag and carrying the smallest possible bag through the airport. The bag itself is the attaché from Killspencer. My essentially are my 15" MacBook Pro (not shown) and iLok, plus Eartech IEMs - I'm always working when I'm travelling. I carry the field recorder because I like to add ambient sounds or found percussion sounds to my programming, so I'm frequently gathering new sounds when I'm traveling. There's Aesop deodorant and mouthwash plus you always need fresh socks. Pretty minimal if I say so myself.

Denver Rockies

Denver Rockies stadium

Denver Rockies stadium

I've been working the last while with an artist who is touring and making a live album, it's taken me all over the world which has been great. But very cool to get to do a show at Rockies stadium. I'm not a big sports ball fan but they let us watch the game from the owners' box which had air conditioning and unlimited free beer. Fun. 

New scoring project


I'm starting a new scoring project and I always find these are good times to incorporate new instruments. I'm jonesing pretty hard right now for the Dave Smith / Sequential Circuits Prophet 6... 

Grammy Awards


So tonight I went to the Grammys for the first time, because I did some work on a nominated album. We didn't win, but despite that I'm so glad we could go. It was amazing and inspiring to see artist of different backgrounds, religions, orientations, countries - all kinds of things that so often divide people - working together not just to make great music but also to be a positive influence in the world.

I'm greatful to Diana Pops, who is to this day one of the most talented artists I've ever worked with, to Chris Mann, who heard our music and brought it to his producer's attention and who has now become a great friend, and finally to Walter Afanasieff, also now a great friend, who, thanks to Chris' introduction, invited me to collaborate with him here in Los Angeles and who has completely changed my life.

I can't wait to see what 2015 has in store!

Grammy Award nomination!

Very happy to announce that an album I worked on, Barbara Streisand's "Partners" was just nominated for a Grammy award. Congratulations to Walter A and Babyface who produced, and to everyone else who worked on this as well.