It has been a crazy season! Its always hard for me to find time to do updates, when deadlines are looming the last thing I want to do during the workday is to lock up an hour with social media, but it is important, so here I am.


First up - Amiena! 
This project has seriously taken 3 years to do. We started in my old studio on Spring Street, continued in my Arts District loft studio (why I thought it would be a good idea to have a studio at home I will never know), and then we finished it when I moved my studio back to Spring Street. We first worked together when I had just moved to Los Angeles, we've since became friends and have done a number of projects together. This most recent one has some great collaborators including British musician/composer Nitin Sawhney and tabla player Alok Verma. You can find the album on iTunes here. And you can vote for it if you're a NARAS member! :-)

Second up - Reality Soundworks
I founded a new company called Reality Soundworks. I've been increasingly interested in audio and composition specifically for VR and specialized or installation applications. The first VR project in the pipeline is with a local producer/director, and the project is for the Skid Row Housing Trust, a wonderful organization that works tirelessly to provide housing for the homeless in Skid Row in Los Angeles. This is all in the very early stages but I am excited about having a separate space to develop these ideas. Once we get the online presence started I will update everyone.


Alpha Season 2
We are probably 3/4 of the way through the score for the new season of Alpha. This score has turned out to be less orchestral / cinematic and more synth-based. Excited to reveal shortly.


Other Studio Projects
Walter A and I continue to work together to wrap up a number of projects this season, and there are a few new ones in the pipeline as well. One of them was engineering and 5.1 mixing the score that Walter composed for a documentary, as well as being the re-recording mixer. The documentary won Best Documentary Drama at the Venetian Film Festival. And finally, it is true - Diana Pops and I have a new project in the works! More about this to follow.


Alright.. back to work!