OK, so it has been FOREVER since I've updated this blog (I wonder how many blogs out there have these exact words as their top post!). Anyway, despite what it might look like on my blog, it's been INSANELY busy around here. More so than ever in my life, actually. This is the biggest reason why there is nothing new on here at all.. So.. I will just put this stuff down in order that it comes to me.. I've started a new writing/production team with my friend Chris Mann; we have done a few songs so far that we are very excited about, one in particular is for pussycat dolls member Melody Thornton; stay tuned, this should be coming out shortly. We have also worked with our new friends Amiena, and Sonja James. Things in the Walter A camp have been very busy as well, and quite diverse. I did a radio remix of a Michael Bublé song, we have begun work with a New York artist named Oriane, and also filmed the first episode of a new TV show, on which I conducted Josh Groban's orchestra during a live concert. And during that, I mixed and did additional production on a Canadian electro-rock band's first album (they are called Goldenboy.. more on this later!) and worked on remixes for Rococode and Tegan and Sara. And I'm currently on the road on the Owl City / Mat Kearney tour, but finishing up a new Jodi King Christmas album (which we are very excited about!) and working with an incredible new artist, Lauren Carse. So.. there it is, in a nutshell.. More specifics to come soon.. Thanks!!