I’m sitting on the couch of Dave Pensado’s studio as he’s mixing a track Walter Afanasieff and I produced together. It’s crazy to hear what someone like that can do with your work.. And it seems like a fitting close to a crazy year. I’ve completed the move to LA at Walter’s gracious invitation, built a studio here, and have settled into a groove.. It’s been a year I might only have dreamed about a decade ago; working with various artists that I have grown up being fans of, as well as balancing my own projects from my own network. Over this past year we have had such talented people come through the door and grace us with their presence, from Darren Hayes, to Westlife, Josh Groban, Leona Lewis and Kenny G. As well, I got to make a record with Canadian artist and JUNO-winner Amanda Falk (just finished production), do some work with my ex-bandmates Starfield, a few songs with undeniably  gifted writer/performer Greg Sczebel and of course on-going work with singer-songwriter Diana Pops, not to mention starting the year with a tour with Mat Kearney and Keane. Can’t wait to see what 2010 holds! Here we go..