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Marc Ross – Blue Sky Behind EP

Marc Ross just released his new EP entitled 'Blue Sky Behind'. We recorded it over 10 days at my studio in LA. Lots of melodica and toy piano! Check out the EP on iTunes and the first single below.

[audio:|titles=Marc Ross - Another Way]

December Updates

I’m sitting on the couch of Dave Pensado’s studio as he’s mixing a track Walter Afanasieff and I produced together. It’s crazy to hear what someone like that can do with your work.. And it seems like a fitting close to a crazy year. I’ve completed the move to LA at Walter’s gracious invitation, built a studio here, and have settled into a groove.. It’s been a year I might only have dreamed about a decade ago; working with various artists that I have grown up being fans of, as well as balancing my own projects from my own network. Over this past year we have had such talented people come through the door and grace us with their presence, from Darren Hayes, to Westlife, Josh Groban, Leona Lewis and Kenny G. As well, I got to make a record with Canadian artist and JUNO-winner Amanda Falk (just finished production), do some work with my ex-bandmates Starfield, a few songs with undeniably  gifted writer/performer Greg Sczebel and of course on-going work with singer-songwriter Diana Pops, not to mention starting the year with a tour with Mat Kearney and Keane. Can’t wait to see what 2010 holds! Here we go..

Greg Sczebel

Greg Sczebel’s second album “Love & The Lack Thereof” is just released. Check it out on iTunes! We had a great time at his studio in Vancouver I believe almost a year ago where we worked together on ‘Commotion’, ‘How Am I Supposed To Breathe’, Every Word You Say, and my personal favorite, ‘I’ve Got That Feeling’.

Amanda Falk

Just finished a week of tracking for Amanda Falk’s new album. It was a great week. I’m so happy with the work we did, and I can’t wait to finish this record.. I am really excited about it.. Thanks to Will Sayles, Matt Pierson, Gary Burnette and Chris Yeager. Now the work begins for me.. sifting through what we’ve recorded, editing.. more guitar overdubs, pianos, vocals.. I love my job.. ;-)

Keane Tour


Well, I just wrapped up a 3 week tour with Keane and Mat Kearney. We had a blast, beginning in LA and wrapping up at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. I’d like to say I made new friends, and had an overall great experience. It started off challenging; it had been a while since we’d done shows together, and never with the group we had, but it tightened up quickly and I was quite proud of where we ended up. It’s always funny being on tour, hurtling across the planet in a steel tube with wheels.. 10 people living on a 40 foot long bus, the only privacy being that of your coffin-like bunk, but at the same time there’s such a feeling of freedom as you see different cities, meet different people, eat fantastic food, and most of all, get to make music every night for a living. What a blessing.. !! Sure did feel good to get back home, though. And after a week of recuperating, I’m off to LA. There’s lots of stuff lined up that I’m very excited about, but I will post about that as we go. I also bought a flip HD camera (yes, again, late to the party!) and with it I will attempt to make video blog posts.. not that I am under any illusion that these will be particularly interesting; it just seems like a good thing to do. And, off to pack up my gear for yet another flight..

Jodi King EP is released!

Jodi King EP is released! Click the image to go to her website where you can check out the new music. It was a marathon, I think we wrapped up the whole thing in under a week, but we exercised a lot of creative freedom, and I’m really happy with how it turned out! Thanks as always to my friend Tyler Burkum for bringing, as usual, some serious guitar prowess to the record. I was going to say ‘chops’ but that seems to have negative connotations these days.. Minor sidestep.. Check out the record ;-)

Starfield receives 2nd JUNO Award nomination

Starfield receives nomination for 2009 JUNO awards, their second such nomination. The JUNO Awards are Canada’s highest honor in recorded music, the Canadian equivalent of the Grammy awards. The awards will air March 29 on CTV.

Adrian endorses Notion Music


A quick thanks to the guys at Notion Music for hooking us up with your great software. If you score strings, or whatever, check this out - a much quicker way than using other notation software (and especially better than using your sequencer..!) Includes orchestral samples so you can hear what you’re doing, automatically plays the articulations you input in the score (no more messing with the left hand articulation change notes).. anyway, there are a million other great things about this.. check out their site. I use this all the time now.

Off to LA

On Thursday we head off to LA for a week of meetings and working with a fantastic writer, producer, and new friend Walter Afanasieff. Known primarily for his work with Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Josh Groban and other legendary voices, he has taken a shining to our project (Diana Pops) and has been gracious enough to invite us back. I’m looking forward to this trip, and cannot wait to get out of the cold Canadian weather!



Just got back from an amazing time in Montreal. What a legendary art/music city! I could seriously live there.. I was working with a local artist (lips are sealed for now!! Record should be out in a number of months..), and it was a francophone record, which I have to say was very interesting to say the least. And it was an intense period of collaboration, basically from initial writing to ready for mix in about 5 days.. (we did two songs together) But I must say I am very excited with the outcome, can’t wait to post it here.

Also, while I was there, we were able to turn it into a bit of a vacation. We were able to spend some time in old Québec city, which was fantastic. And, surprise surprise, a highlight was finding a Belgian bar in old Montreal.. Mmm Chimay.. Kwak.. Moules et Frites! When do I go back?

And for now, I’m preparing for a trip to LA. We’re doing some tweaks on a record I have been working on FOREVER (Diana Pops). I’m very very excited about it. It’s been hard for me to keep it moderately under wraps for so long.. every iteration of a song gets me excited and I want to share it with everyone, but I’ve got to keep it on the DL so to speak, until it’s FINALLY done.. which should be soon.

And.. back to reality.. phone calls, emails.. Oh.. and somewhere in there, making music..  I need a manager..!

Photo is of Old Montreal Skyline at the Blue Hour (II) HDR (via David Giral)

Nashville - April 2008

[caption id="attachment_299693931" align="aligncenter" width="560" caption="Fireside Studio in Nashville"]


Fireside Studio in Nashville

This is from our marathon session in Nashville. We locked out Fireside studio for a week, and did songs for Jodi King, Tuesday Bloom, Marc Willerton, and of course Diana Pops. For Diana, we did a pile of strings and pianos, then we had a magical moment thanks to our friends Will, Matt and Tyler, where we recorded a song I’m very excited about. It’ll be on Diana’s upcoming album!