Just got back from an amazing time in Montreal. What a legendary art/music city! I could seriously live there.. I was working with a local artist (lips are sealed for now!! Record should be out in a number of months..), and it was a francophone record, which I have to say was very interesting to say the least. And it was an intense period of collaboration, basically from initial writing to ready for mix in about 5 days.. (we did two songs together) But I must say I am very excited with the outcome, can’t wait to post it here.

Also, while I was there, we were able to turn it into a bit of a vacation. We were able to spend some time in old Québec city, which was fantastic. And, surprise surprise, a highlight was finding a Belgian bar in old Montreal.. Mmm Chimay.. Kwak.. Moules et Frites! When do I go back?

And for now, I’m preparing for a trip to LA. We’re doing some tweaks on a record I have been working on FOREVER (Diana Pops). I’m very very excited about it. It’s been hard for me to keep it moderately under wraps for so long.. every iteration of a song gets me excited and I want to share it with everyone, but I’ve got to keep it on the DL so to speak, until it’s FINALLY done.. which should be soon.

And.. back to reality.. phone calls, emails.. Oh.. and somewhere in there, making music..  I need a manager..!

Photo is of Old Montreal Skyline at the Blue Hour (II) HDR (via David Giral)