Well, I just wrapped up a 3 week tour with Keane and Mat Kearney. We had a blast, beginning in LA and wrapping up at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. I’d like to say I made new friends, and had an overall great experience. It started off challenging; it had been a while since we’d done shows together, and never with the group we had, but it tightened up quickly and I was quite proud of where we ended up. It’s always funny being on tour, hurtling across the planet in a steel tube with wheels.. 10 people living on a 40 foot long bus, the only privacy being that of your coffin-like bunk, but at the same time there’s such a feeling of freedom as you see different cities, meet different people, eat fantastic food, and most of all, get to make music every night for a living. What a blessing.. !! Sure did feel good to get back home, though. And after a week of recuperating, I’m off to LA. There’s lots of stuff lined up that I’m very excited about, but I will post about that as we go. I also bought a flip HD camera (yes, again, late to the party!) and with it I will attempt to make video blog posts.. not that I am under any illusion that these will be particularly interesting; it just seems like a good thing to do. And, off to pack up my gear for yet another flight..